Away from the bustling city traffic and about two kilometers away from the Churchgate station , almost parallel to Cuffe parade lies the Colaba causeway, which is the heart of the town.

How do you get there? From the Churchgate station take a cab to Regal or a bus. To be frank I prefer the bus for two reasons; it saves you some money and the ride to Regal is just beautiful.

When I first came to Bombay, my first bus ride was on same route and one of the most memorable one. I had seen the whole of SoBo , from the beautifully erected monuments to the iconic BSE building and a glimpse of the Taj, It was just spectacular.

Get down at Regal. What lies ahead you is the loveliest, most charming place you are going to fall in love with.

Colaba Causeway is one of those places where you can get lost in the lanes and lose all  sense of time. It’s like a hybrid version of Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade. But I am yet to find the perfect place where they would be selling the Butterbeer counterpart. For the food fanatics this is the place to be, you can find all types of eateries; from restaurants to bars and pubs, to roadside food stalls and even classy cafes. Being a big foodie by nature, Causeway is one of my favourite places to hang out.

Cafe Mondegar tops my list, just 50 metres ahead of Regal Cinema. At the corner of the road is this quite modern yet seemingly retro cafe! The most noticeable thing about this place is the cartoons, its walls painted with all over, and that brings extra zing to this place. Chances of overhearing your neighbors’ conversations are high as the tables are cramped up. Mondegar is a great place for breakfast; I have been here twice and both times for breakfast they served the most amazing chicken sandwiches and pancakes topped with honey. The waiters are friendly and the menu quite exhaustive, it is a feast to the taste buds too . It’s the perfect place for candid conversations over beer and a place to hang out with friends.

If you go down the road you will come across the most famous cafes of all time: the Leopold café. And if you want to discover some Lebanese and Iranian food, then café Piccadilly is the place to be- it has quite a decent ambience and is priced quite moderately. And if you are looking to snack up on a burger then Modern Café has the best chicken mayonnaise burgers. Modern café is right next to the back lane of Taj Palace.

Moving ahead, Colaba causeway is a shoppers’ paradise, a heaven for shopaholics and can prove to be a perfect stress buster for the fashion freaks. From shrugs of every design to belts  of every size and colour.
There are these amazing T shirts and tops for sale which may come in very cheap if you master the art of bargaining, and there’s more, they sell these amazing accessories from necklaces to wristbands and some face funky looking dog tags.

There’s just so much to explore and surprise yourself every time you visit the place, it’s like a never ending sea of happiness and liveliness, even if you visit this place late at nights or during a sunny Sunday afternoon, it mesmerizes you every time you walk past those lanes, and that’s something that pulls you towards itself, its subtle beauty, the people, the location or some external invisible force which makes you happy. I have found some greatest joys here and some greater memories to cherish.